Premium fashion

Tesa Cordoba aims to return women’s fashion to the high quality crafted and calibre of materials through a newly updated contemporary model that is also concerned with the environment.


Brand concept

We bet on the exclusivity of our pieces and continuation of the concern for the design, quality of fabrics and materials. A brand born in Spain with a clear global vocation that develops ethical collections articulated through a new discourse in the industry.


Quality and brand value

We use a careful and intelligent palette of materials with original patterns and innovative factors creating sensations of comfort and a rich haptic.



Due to the creative direction of Tesa Cordoba, a close relationship has been generated with young designers with a critical eye in the industry that collaborate in the process of forming the values of the brand.



Charismatic, dynamic and proactive. Seduced by the balanced combination of classic elegance and modernity. A global woman consistent in her decisions and sensitised with the society and environment in which she lives.


International focus

Local production with designs without borders. Tesa Cordoba absorbs references of a life style of a cultivated audience through international experiences and locates its resources to meet the needs of these new global citizens.


Classic design and Contemporary style

Inspired by the great women of history, art and culture and travel, we reinterpreted garments with contemporary identities marked with new patterns, materials, colours and geometrics.



We want to establish alliances with workshops, allowing us to generate a positive impact locally. We understand fashion from a more human viewpoint and reject the ‘use and abuse’ method of the fashion industry


Unique value

Limited productions, comprehensive monitoring through the production process. Each piece is unique and is treated how it deserves to be treated.